Christian Cinetto


OPIFICIUM - Viki Gomez and B-boy Cico


OPIFICIUM - Viki Gomez and B-boy Cico

In April 2014, two amazing athletes, Bboy Cico and Viki Gomez met in Italy to share their passions and match them together. They asked us to shoot a promo video which could show the two disciplines together.
The cover image is from the amazing photographer Mauro Puccini who enjoyed us for the project.

We started looking for an amazing location and after a while we did it!
OPIFICIUM is an idea, a dream, an inspiration. It was shot in less than one day.
The idea is to try to combine the art and the movement of the king of the power moves and the king of bmx flatland.
We found a third unique character: the location.
It's a huge abandoned aluminium factory from the early 20th century near the italian Alps. Enjoy the pace!

Bboy Cico - Mauro Peruzzi
Viki Gomez
Filmmaker Christian Cinetto
Production Jengafilm
Editor Alice Ranzato
Producer Marta Ridolfi
Photographer Mauro Puccini

Thanks to GG.M Sports Image Management and Bente Weiler
Thanks to Trentino film commission and Trentino Sviluppo